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LADNER KARATE – COVID19 – Safety Plan  Jan 10, 2021

 We are following the BC COVID guidelines.

Before You Come

Check your health (guidelines to stay home) 

BC COVID-19 Self Assessment questionnaire found here:

If you, or anyone in your household are sick (Fever, Cough, Shortness of Breath, Sore Throat, Loss of ability to smell, unusual headaches, or cold like illness. STAY HOME

- Remind yourself do not touch face and to cough/sneeze into your sleeve.

- Leave sparring gloves/mouthguard at home.

- Wear karate gi/uniform to class, to avoid changing at Nikkei Centre.

- Wear sandals, flip-flops etc. for easy slip on/off.

- Bring own water bottle, no water fountain use.

When You Arrive

- Mask is Mandatory

- Use front entrance. The practice hall doors will be left open. Use hand sanitizer upon entry.

- Due to the use of the stage by instructors we are asking parents to not be present during practice.

- All doors will be left open and ceiling exhaust fans will be on.

At Practice

Use room hand sanitizer upon entry and exit.

- Mask is Mandatory.

- No spectators allowed.

  - All activities are NON-CONTACT and social distanced greater than 10 feet.

   - All activities will minimize very high heart rate exercises.

- Proceed directly to your own “socially-distanced”(10’) designated area.

- All personal items jackets, back-pack etc. kept in own designated area.

- Attendance will be taken by instructor by call-out. Attendance lists will be kept for “tracking”.

- At the beginning and end of class, all students will be reminded of our health & safety rules. Students will be monitored and rules enforced by instructors.

- No touching floor with hands or any surface. Accidental touching requires immediate hand sanitizing.

- Instructors to use stage to maintain physical distancing and for better visibility of and by students.

- Instruction: Training activities have been modified to maintain social distancing. (ie. no partner exercises, no contact with each other)

-Water breaks, use personal water bottle within student’s designated area. No use of water fountain.

-Bathroom breaks will be one student at a time. Footwear required before leaving practice area. Students will be checked upon re-entry for washing hands and use of hand sanitizer.

- No shouting.

- Instructors will have masks, face-shields and hypoallergenic nitrile gloves, sanitizing wipes, sanitizer to use when necessary.

When You Leave

- Mask is Mandatory

- There will be a controlled staggered student exit. 

Our Black Belt Instructors will monitor and enforce the COVID19 rules.

 Stay safe and well!


Juniors 6-12 yrs
Wed: 7-8pm
Sat: 9-10am

Wed: 8-9:30pm
Sat: 10-11:30am

All members allowed free classes at affiliated clubs
Free parking

Mert Horita (7 Dan)
Chief Instructor: Ladner Karate, Nikkei Karate
President: Satokai Canada

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